Activities (highlights)

2020 World premiere of ‘Chatouille!’ for flute solo by Matthias Kadar. Live on NPO4 (national radio The Netherlands)
2020 Soloist Suite h-moll by J.S. Bach, String orchestra Divertimento, The Netherlands
2020 Lecture on contemporary music and extended techniques CoMA (Contemporary Music for All) Eindhoven
2019 Concert and masterclass Rome, Italy
2019 Concert and masterclasses Tampere and Helsinki, Finland
2019 Lecture and concert Berklee College of Music Boston. US premiere of Sonata for flute and piano by Sandro Fazzolari.
Workshop Flute Colors Flute Society Washington.
2018 Pianoconcert Rachmaninov 2 and 3, Mokum Symphony Amsterdam
2018 Author beginners flute method ‘’ and ‘’ part 2
2017 Author beginners flute method ‘’ and ‘’ part 2
2017 Concert with Berdien Stenberg, 27 mei 2017, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
2017 World premiere ‘Effervesce’ for flute and prepared piano, Ittervoort, 12th Adams International Flute Festival, april 21st, 2017. Dedicated to Rogier de Pijper. Pianist: Paolo Gorini
2016 CD ‘De rozenblaadjes van Bizet’ (rose petals of Bizet) with pianist Hetty Sponselee
2016 Substitute Philhamonie Zuid Nederland, Maastricht
2016 Czech Republic tour with Beau4, various concerts and workshops
2016 Milan, Italy: Flute Colors masterclass conservatoire, Italian premiere Sonata No.14, Op. 4 Sandro Fazzolari and CD recording of the sonata
2016 Mattheus Passion for kids with Camerata Amsterdam and Edwin Rutten
2016 World premiere Sonata No.14, Op. 4 Sandro Fazzolari. Oudenbosch, the Netherlands, February 27th, 2016. Dedicated to Rogier de Pijper and Hetty Sponselee.
2016 Author of book Flute Colors, 112 exercises to improve your flute playing using extended techniques.
Initiator of summer course Flutopia for amateur flutists from 20 years
2015- Theatergroep 1e klas with Sam Beisser en Ellis Bell
2015 Music teacher and CKV Markland College Zevenbergen
2014 CD Undine with pianiste Hetty Sponselee
2013 Co-author  flute methode ‘You’ve got talent’
2013-2017 Initiatiefnemer en lid fluitkwartet Beau4
2013-2016 Lid (secretaris) van bestuur Nederlands Fluit Genootschap (Dutch Flute Society)
2012-2013 Musical project “Sofie de Wit”. Markland College Oudenbosch.
2012- Artistic director and organizer Flute camp for children from 9 years to 18 years
2011-2013 Teacher extended playing techniques, methodology, historical development and flute (minor) at the Tilburg Conservatory
2011 CD Bach, works for flute solo
2011 CD Music by Geoffry Srodzinsky. He’s just a boy. Rogier de Pijper, flute Geoffry Srodzinsky, voice, piano, keyboards, bas, drum
2010-2011 Musical project ‘Romeo en Julia’. Markland College Oudenbosch
2009-2010 Musical project ‘De avonturen van @lice in Cyberland’. Markland College Oudenbosch.
2008-2009 Musical project ‘De koffer’. Markland College Oudenbosch
2008-2011 Conductor Taizékoor Etten-Leur
2007- Workshops with various topics
2007-2008 Flute teacher and AMV teacher at harmony Oranjevaan Fijnaart
2006-2008 Concerts with pianist Marie Louise Schwab and cellist Tomas Nyvlt
2006- Owner Rogier de Pijper Muziek
2005-2007 Conductor / pianist youth choir Raising Rhythm Hoeven
2004-2015 Music teacher and CKV Markland College Oudenbosch
2004 CD 75 years parish church of St. Jan de Doper Hoeven. Sonata in C, C.F. Abel. Rogier de Pijper, flute Christ Vergouwen, piano
2003- Flute practice Hoeven
2002-2004 Various projects with the Dutch Flute Orchestra conducted by Jorge Caryevschi.
2002-2004 Concerts with pianist Antoinette Visscher
2002 Tour through the Czech Republic with the youth orchestra of Rotterdam Conservatoire
2001-2014 Conductor Church Choir de Baai Etten-Leur
2001-2011 Flute teacher with harmonie Volharding Dinteloord
2001-2002 Music teacher Markland College Zevenbergen
2000-2007 Flute teacher and recorder teacher music school De Rover Hardinxveld-Giessendam
2000-2002 Recorder teacher and AMV harmony teacher Volharding Rhoon
2000 Music school project about stage presentation and expression to students of music school Sint Frans Etten-Leur
1999-2014 Conductor / pianist choir Future Hoeven
1995- Flute, piano and recorder concerts with various choirs, ensembles and orchestras. Both as a soloist and accompanist


2009-2011 Main subject flute Master of Music, Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. Specialization: 20th century music. Graduated on June 15, 2011. Studied with: Leon Berendse
2006-2011 Private lessons Wil Offermans
2002-2006 Main subject flute 1st phase (Bachelor), Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Graduated on May 26, 2006. Studied with: Thies Roorda
1999-2004 Music teacher, Rotterdam Conservatory. Graduated on June 24, 2004. Specialization CKV, 1st degree qualification. Graduation thesis: Bach in jeans, about offering classical music in secondary education. Studied with Leo Aussems, Jan van der Steen, Raoul Wijffels, Frits Evelein, Leo Molendijk, among others.
1998-1999 Preparatory class, Rotterdam Conservatory
1994-1999 HAVO, Katholieke Scholengemeenschap Etten-Leur. Diploma graduated in 1999.


Flute Karin Bijl, Thies Roorda, Rien de Reede, Wieke Karsten, Wil Offermans, Leon Berendse, Berdien Stenberg
  Orchestra repertoire: Eline van Esch, Emily Beynon
  Jazz improvisatie: Tilmann Dehnhard
Recorder Maartje Vonk, Kees Schrauwen
Piano Pieter van Dijk, Dick van Ijperen (liedbegeleiding)
Singing Winanda van Vliet
Choir conducting Jos van der Zijden, Leo Aussems
Ensemble conducting Leo Molendijk


Flute Robert Dick, William Bennet, Wil Offermans, Benoit Fromanger, Jacques Zoon, Peter-Lukas Graf, Emily Beynon, Sophier Cherrier
Early Music Wilbert Hazelzet, Marten Root
Piccolo Patricia Morris, Ellen Vergunst
Music teacher David Elliot


Flute Trevor Wye, John Ruocco (improvisatie)
Stage presentation Willy Verkuil
Student counseling Maja Bakker
Kanjertraining Gerard Weide
Multiple intelligence Liesbeth Breek

Competition / prizes

2014 Winner Cultural Prize Halderberge

2011 3rd prize Open National Flute Competition, Ittervoort category Master’s students

2006 Preliminary round Benelux Flute Competition Antwerp. category E.

2004 Preliminary round Benelux Flute Competition Tilburg category E (conservatory students)